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Originally hailing from Northeast Wisconsin, I took an unconventional path to Erdye’s Pest Control after retiring from my county worker role. My professional background spans customer service and accounting.

Beyond the office, my interests include the soothing art of knitting and the mental challenge of puzzling. While my colleagues may not know, I harbor a massive fear of rodents and insects, creating an interesting paradox given my work.

What captivates me about the culture at Erdye’s Pest Control is the family atmosphere and the strong sense of camaraderie. It’s a workplace where connections matter, fostering a positive and collaborative environment.

In an industry often driven by financial considerations, what sets Erdye’s apart is our commitment to integrity over dollars. This ethos, emphasizing values, is a key differentiator in the pest control landscape.

Reflecting on memorable moments, one stands out—picking up and bringing baby raccoons to the Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s moments like these that contribute to the unique and enjoyable experiences within Erdye’s Pest Control.

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