Have Bed Bugs? Get Rid Of Them Yourself In 24 Hours By Using Our Bed Bug Heater Rental

Where You Can Find Bed Bugs

Our bed bug heaters are the most effective way to kill all bed bugs. And you can do it all yourself! Packages start as low as $349. Call (920) 455-0373 to get started.

Setting up and using your bed bug heater rental is super easy!

Want to see the bed bug heaters in action and proof that they work? Watch Josh put bed bugs in his own bed!

Don’t Wait A Bed Bug Infestation Happens Quickly

What Causes BedBugs

A single bed bug can quickly turn into a massive infestation. One female bed bug can lay between 3-7 eggs per week. If the situation is left unattended, you could quickly end up with over 100,000 bed bugs in your house!

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs
Bed Bug Heat Eradication Chart

Why Our Heaters Are the Most Effective Method for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often hard to find and even harder to kill. They live in very small cracks and crevices within your mattress, bedframe, headboard, walls, and end tables. Because of this, it’s difficult to get a pesticide everywhere.

With heat, the room temperature slowly rises and penetrates all the voids where bed bugs life, thus killing them. Using heat will also kill all life stages of bed bugs too. Heat has been proven to be one of few treatments that will kill bed bugs in the first application. Plus, there is no risk of harmful chemicals in your home.

Bed Bug Infestations Multiply Quickly


* Numbers are averages based on active feeding

Most over the counter bed bug chemicals take 3 to 6 weeks to work. Our Bed Bug heater rental will kill them in 24 hours! Do you really want to deal with bed bugs any longer?

Rental Packages:

Standard Bed Bug Heater Package: $349

DIY Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment Rental

DIY Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment Rental
1 – Heater
3 – Fans
1 – Converter Cord
1 – 50′ Heavy Duty Cord
Heats up to 400 square feet

Our Standard Bed Bug Heater package allows for single bedrooms or similar sized spaces with low to medium infestation levels. This package is best when bed bugs have just been discovered and are localized. For this package to be effective it is critical no over the counter repellent chemicals such as sprays or foggers have been used prior to treatments.

*EASY – Optional Power Hook-Up: $49.99

1 – 240 Volt Direct Wire (electric range/dryer)
1 – 15 Amp 120V Circuits
1 – GMS Kit
4 – 15′ Power Cords
1 – 50′ Heavy Cord
1 – 240 V Converter Cord