mosquito control product mistaway system

Mosquito Control Product – Mist Away System

Are mosquitos ruining your summer fun? Don’t let these pesky buggers stop you from enjoying the great outdoors and family summer fun. Erdye’s Pest Control installs MistAway® Mosquito Misting Systems, an automatic mosquito control product.

The MistAway system sprays a very fine mist of botanical insecticide into your landscape through misters that once installed, hide into your landscape. Typically the mister will spray twice a day. Once in the early morning and once later in the evening depending upon what will work best for your situation.

The video below shows how the misters are set around the landscape.  It will also show how the mister part of the system works. This has been a very effective mosquito control product along with controlling wood ticks. The premise is to kill the mosquitos where they bed down. Within a day or two, the decrease in mosquitos is about 90% to 95% so you’ll receive the benefits rather quickly.

If interested in finding out more information, please view our page dedicated to the MistAway® System here.  If you are interested in a no-obligation estimate of the system, please call us at 920.455.0373.

7 Tips for Keeping Mice from Entering Your Home-Erdyes-Pest-Control-Wisconsin

7 Tips to Keeping Mice from Entering Your Home

7 Tips for Keeping Mice from Entering Your Home-Erdyes-Pest-Control-WisconsinMost of us prefer not to have mice in our homes and with good reason. Mice can carry many diseases and a mouse infestation could be making you and your family sick. Today’s 7 tips to keeping mice from entering your home will keep you from having a mouse infestation.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and now is the time to plan before fall heads into town to protect your home and family from mice.

Implement these 7 tips to keeping mice from entering your home today.

1) Walk around your home and inspect the outside of your house. Look for any holes or cracks on the exterior of your home. Look where utilities enter into your home and make sure that all holes are sealed with caulk, steel wool or both.

2) Check your vents and chimney openings. Use a fine mesh screen to control mice from entering your home via these routes.

3) Check all window screens to make sure there are no holes. If you find a hole, replace the screen to keep those unwanted critters from making your home theirs.

4) Store firewood away from your home and up off the ground. Stacked firewood is a great place for mice to make homes. You don’t want mice to be by your front door now do you?

5) Dispose of garbage regularly, mice want to eat just like we do so they are always looking to be close to food sources.

6) Store food in airtight containers.

7) Replace or install door sweeps on exterior doors. It takes only a small opening for a mouse to get into your home. Proper door sweeps keep mice from entering through this passage.

Mice reproduce quickly. If you have suspicion that you already have a rodent infestation, but can’t get rid of them, contact Erdye’s for a FREE inspection of your basement, attic or crawlspace – we’ll track down your unwanted guests and come up with a safe, reliable plan to get rid of them.

5 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Mice

5 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Mice

Every year, 21 million homes in the United States are invaded by mice, rats and other rodents. This invasion can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. Rodents spread diseases, carry parasites, and can cause massive amounts of damage to property. But don’t worry, there are 5 simple steps you can follow to get rid of mice.

Dangers of Mice In Your Home

Most people don’t realize this, but a rodent infestation can happy really quickly! When you see one mouse, you can bet there are more mice hiding nearby. Plus, a single pregnant mouse can give birth to as many as 12 babies every 3 weeks.

Mice also carry diseases. These small pests can carry up to 200 human pathogens – some can be life-threatening such as Hantavirus, bubonic plague, salmonella and rat-bite fever. And let’s not forget about their fecal matter. One mouse can produce between 40 and 100 droppings per day and leave behind a constant trail of urine. Over time, this fecal mess will spread bacteria and diseases throughout your house.

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Keep the Pests Away

7 Pest Control Tips to Keep the Pests Away and Have Fun All Day

As the temperatures warm up and we get ready to play in the sun, we find the bugs and pests do the same. However, there are a few pest control tips you can implement to help keep the pests away so you can have fun all day.

1) A Clean Kitchen

What’s more appealing to ants and insects than crumbs they can find on your kitchen counter or floor? Nothing, they love this and believe they’ve hit the jackpot. Make sure to clean your counters, sweep your floors, and put food away immediately. By keeping your kitchen clean you can avoid inviting those pesky bugs and pests to a buffet you didn’t intend to provide.

2) Remove Standing Water

Standing water in toys, plant dishes, or items unintentionally left outside invite mosquitos to the party. Removing standing water will help control mosquitoes because standing water is a breeding ground for those pests. Take a look around the yard and dump out any water that doesn’t need to be there.

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Keep Bugs off of Your House

How to Keep Bugs off of Your House

As the snow melts and the weather begins to warm up, more and more people start to spend time outside. Unfortunately, this also means that bugs and insects also start to move around as they come out from their winter hiding spots. Often times this leads to bugs and insects searching for food or water, which they can find inside your home! Fear not! There is a way to keep bugs off of your house, and we will tell you exactly how to do just that.

How to Keep Bugs off Of your House

The simplest and most effective way to keep bugs off of your house is to treat the exterior of your home. This is a process that requires the application of chemicals on and around your home. But don’t worry, these chemicals are safe for pets and humans alike! If you watch the video below, you will see just how quick and easy an exterior spray treatment is.

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