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Originally hailing from Sheboygan Falls, I sought a new challenge and discovered a job opportunity with Erdye’s Pest Control. Embracing a role that was entirely different from my past experiences, I found fulfillment in the dynamic environment.

Outside of work, my interests include watching the Bucks and Packers, along with a passion for exploring new places. Traveling to unfamiliar destinations allows me to feed my curiosity and discover the unknown.

Within Erdye’s Pest Control, I prioritize ensuring that both colleagues and customers comprehend our approach and why it works. The commitment to delivering the best experience every time is a shared value among the team. We stand behind our work, unwavering until the problem is entirely resolved.

One of the most rewarding moments is the final visit to a customer’s home, witnessing their joy as the pest problem is eradicated. This tangible impact on our customers’ lives adds a deeply satisfying dimension to our work.

Personally, I particularly enjoy the exterior treatment aspect of the job. Not only is it enjoyable, but it also allows me to spend time outdoors, combining work with a sense of fun and adventure.

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