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Originally from Sheboygan, WI, my journey into pest control was accidental. Tired of working for a company I didn’t resonate with, I sought an honest and family-owned company, leading me to Erdye’s Pest Control. With a high school diploma and a background in graphic design, I gained extensive experience in pest control with another pest control company in the South Western part of the country. I worked my way up, obtaining an Expert Inspector Certification and taking on roles as a sales trainer and branch manager in various states.

Outside of work, I engage in board gaming, sports, hunting, and fishing. An interesting fact about me is that MacGyver is my first cousin.

In customer interactions, my approach is rooted in honesty, allowing customers to express their thoughts and providing them with comprehensive information.

The culture at Erdye’s Pest Control, characterized by a fun and honest environment, aligns with my values, emphasizing teamwork and job enjoyment. Helping people is the most fulfilling aspect of my job, and I particularly enjoy providing rodent services, solving the puzzle of their entry.

A memorable experience involves successfully addressing a challenging mouse problem for a customer who had doubts about finding a solution. The positive atmosphere of our workplace is reflected in the camaraderie and the support extended during personal challenges.

Erdye’s sets itself apart in the pest control industry by being family-owned, delivering quality work, and offering a range of services to meet diverse customer needs. Personally, I aspire to continue growing within the Erdye’s team, aiming for long-term commitment and eventually stepping into a managerial role.

My goals include taking care of my family and home personally, while professionally, I aim to grow within Erdye’s Pest Control, aspiring to become a sales manager.

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