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Originally from the Green Bay area, my professional journey took a turn from kitchens to a fulfilling career in pest control at Erdye’s. Feeling stagnant and eager for growth, I made the leap, finding renewed satisfaction in this dynamic field.

Outside of work, my interests mirror my love for the outdoors—hiking, backpacking, and kayaking, balanced with a penchant for movies and video games. In customer interactions, I bring a friendly and laid-back approach, ensuring professionalism and knowledge are seamlessly woven into every interaction.

The culture at Erdye’s Pest Control resonates with me, especially the strong camaraderie amongst technicians. The constant movement within my role, avoiding monotony by not working in the same place all the time, adds to the fulfillment I find in my job.

Among the services provided, I particularly enjoy the live trap catch and release, embodying a humane approach to pest control. Fond memories from Erdye’s include various company outings—hunting and fishing trips, as well as summer and winter excursions—all contributing to a vibrant and enjoyable workplace experience.

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