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Growing up in Pulaski, WI, I initially ventured into the production industry, but my quest for something less corporate and more interactive with people led me to Erdye’s. Beyond the office walls, my heart belongs to nature; I’m an avid sightseer in the woods and a beach wanderer, capturing the beauty through my lens. An interesting tidbit about me is my collection of rocks – despite having more than enough, I keep discovering them in pockets, bags, and even the doors of my car. Over the years, witnessing customers transition into new homes has been particularly rewarding.

It warms my heart when they reach out for our services again, sharing their satisfaction from past experiences. Erdye’s distinctive approach to pest control focuses on not just solving problems but fostering lasting relationships. Our commitment shines through in programs like our rodent control, alleviating customers’ distress and letting them rest easy. Amidst the serious work, the office environment at Erdye’s is laced with humor; we play pranks, like the infamous cricket-chirping card hidden by Josh, creating lasting and funny memories. Team-building get-togethers, complete with breathtaking firework displays over Eagle River, add the perfect touch to our shared experiences. At Erdye’s, it’s not just about solving pest problems; it’s about building connections that endure.

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