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Born and raised in Green Bay, my roots extend deep into the Seymour/Pulaski area, where I’ve spent my entire life. Serendipity brought me to this job listing online, a journey that began after graduating from Seymour High School in 2003. Armed with a technical diploma as a certified nursing assistant, emergency medical responder certification, and an associate degree as a medical assistant, my professional path unfolded.

Beyond the workplace, I’m drawn to the great outdoors – hiking, fishing, kayaking, and exploring waterfalls satiate my adventurous spirit. The allure of discovering new places and the joy of travel complete my interests. In my interactions with customers, a crucial aspect is listening attentively to their concerns, ensuring a mutual understanding, and collaborating to find effective solutions.

What I appreciate most about my workplace is its down-to-earth environment. Here, we’re not just cogs in a machine; we’re a tight-knit team that works hard but also knows how to play hard and share a good joke. The genuine sense of appreciation makes a significant impact on our daily endeavors. Our distinctive edge lies in our solid reputation and unwavering commitment to service – we not only warrant our work but deliver on our promises. In a world of big companies, our reliability stands out; we take pride in doing the job better and being more dependable.

Team-building is a cornerstone of our culture, with get-togethers fostering a strong bond that enhances our collaborative efficiency. It’s the little gestures that underscore our collective appreciation for the work we do, creating a workplace where everyone feels valued.

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