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My journey into pest control began at Home Depot, where I crossed paths with Josh. Intrigued by his business, I started helping him sporadically, and eventually, the transition to a full-time role became natural.

Beyond the workplace, my interests include watching movies, tending to house projects, and indulging in video games. In the laid-back culture at Erdye’s Pest Control, I find ease and genuine enjoyment in the company of my coworkers.

Personal values align seamlessly with Erdye’s focus on customer satisfaction. Ensuring that customers are always content is a core principle for me. What sets our company apart in the pest control industry is our exceptional customer service and competitive prices.

Among the services provided, I take particular pleasure in performing exterior treatments. It’s a task I enjoy, and it allows me to engage with my work in a meaningful way. Reflecting the positive atmosphere of our workplace, we are fortunate to have a great boss, a fun and joking camaraderie with coworkers, and the added perk of work-related trips, creating a vibrant and enjoyable work environment.

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