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My journey into pest control took an unexpected turn from my previous kitchen-focused jobs. Feeling the need for a change, I found myself at Erdye’s Pest Control, leaving behind the kitchen life. Outside of work, my interests include hunting, fishing, caring for my pet gecko, and surprisingly, indulging in the world of Legos.

In customer interactions, I prioritize answering questions to the best of my knowledge, maintaining politeness, and ensuring tasks are completed with utmost effort to guarantee satisfaction. What I love most about the culture at Erdye’s Pest Control is the laid-back atmosphere. It’s a place where everyone is approachable, fun to talk to, and willing to help when needed.

The alignment of Erdye’s values with my own centers around a shared goal of fostering a pest-free life. Both the company and I are committed to this common objective. Looking ahead, my goals revolve around continuous personal and professional growth. I aspire to be a better worker and a better person each week, keeping it simple yet impactful.

Within Erdye’s Pest Control, I envision my role evolving into someone reliable and capable of handling more complex tasks. The goal is to be the person the team can count on, contributing to the company’s success while enhancing my skills and responsibilities along the way.


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