Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The 5 Worst Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can cause a problem as they spread very easily, which means many people need to get rid of bed bugs. All it takes is a single contaminated item to touch a new area, and the bed bugs have spread before you know it.

According to the internet, there are multiple ways that people can try to get rid of bed bugs, but as you might expect with the internet – don’t believe everything you read!

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Get Rid of Mice

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Rid of Mice

Some people keep mice as pets but not all mice live in cages. Mice enter your home uninvited and cause many problems. They’ll seek out and eat your food, cause damage to your floors and walls, and leave droppings everywhere. If you’re experiencing a rodent home invasion, here are 10 ways to get rid of mice now.

1. Keep food in sealed containers

As mice are attracted by food, keeping food in sealed containers will help to prevent mice finding it. While it won’t stop them coming in your home, it will keep your food safe and will ultimately leave mice looking elsewhere for food.

2. Keep firewood away from your home or garage

Food isn’t the only attraction – warmth and shelter are high on the priority list for mice. A pile of wood looks like an ideal shelter for a mouse to move in to, and the closer it is to your buildings, the more likely the mouse (or mice) is to enter your garage or home. Do yourself a favor and keep firewood at least 25 feet from any structure.

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Keep the Pests Away

7 Pest Control Tips to Keep the Pests Away and Have Fun All Day

As the temperatures warm up and we get ready to play in the sun, we find the bugs and pests do the same. However, there are a few pest control tips you can implement to help keep the pests away so you can have fun all day.

1) A Clean Kitchen

What’s more appealing to ants and insects than crumbs they can find on your kitchen counter or floor? Nothing, they love this and believe they’ve hit the jackpot. Make sure to clean your counters, sweep your floors, and put food away immediately. By keeping your kitchen clean you can avoid inviting those pesky bugs and pests to a buffet you didn’t intend to provide.

2) Remove Standing Water

Standing water in toys, plant dishes, or items unintentionally left outside invite mosquitos to the party. Removing standing water will help control mosquitoes because standing water is a breeding ground for those pests. Take a look around the yard and dump out any water that doesn’t need to be there.

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Keep Bugs off of Your House

How to Keep Bugs off of Your House

As the snow melts and the weather begins to warm up, more and more people start to spend time outside. Unfortunately, this also means that bugs and insects also start to move around as they come out from their winter hiding spots. Often times this leads to bugs and insects searching for food or water, which they can find inside your home! Fear not! There is a way to keep bugs off of your house, and we will tell you exactly how to do just that.

How to Keep Bugs off Of your House

The simplest and most effective way to keep bugs off of your house is to treat the exterior of your home. This is a process that requires the application of chemicals on and around your home. But don’t worry, these chemicals are safe for pets and humans alike! If you watch the video below, you will see just how quick and easy an exterior spray treatment is.

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GEt Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself

Bed Bug Heaters : How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself

Is there anyway to get rid of bed bugs yourself? The answer is a simple and resounding YES!

The only way to completely kill all bed bugs in every stage of their life cycle is through heat treatment. Which effectively heats the ambient air temperature to 122 degrees or higher. Bed bugs are unable to survive in such high temperatures. The bed bug heaters work best to eliminate an infestation because heat can penetrate into cracks and crevices in the home, around curtains, into closets, carpets, mattresses, outlets, etc. There’s no place for these tiny pests to hide. If you believe you have a bed bug issue and you want to get rid of the bed bugs yourself, you can now rent bed bug heaters from Erdye’s Pest Control.

If you want to learn more about how easy our heat treatment equipment is to use, simply watch the video below.

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