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7 Pest Control Tips to Keep the Pests Away and Have Fun All Day

As the temperatures warm up and we get ready to play in the sun, we find the bugs and pests do the same. However, there are a few pest control tips you can implement to help keep the pests away so you can have fun all day.

1) A Clean Kitchen

What’s more appealing to ants and insects than crumbs they can find on your kitchen counter or floor? Nothing, they love this and believe they’ve hit the jackpot. Make sure to clean your counters, sweep your floors, and put food away immediately. By keeping your kitchen clean you can avoid inviting those pesky bugs and pests to a buffet you didn’t intend to provide.

2) Remove Standing Water

Standing water in toys, plant dishes, or items unintentionally left outside invite mosquitos to the party. Removing standing water will help control mosquitoes because standing water is a breeding ground for those pests. Take a look around the yard and dump out any water that doesn’t need to be there.

3) Yard Maintenance

Maintaining your yard by trimming shrubs and trees by the house will help avoid the pests from making nests. Keeping your lawn mowed also helps keep the pests from making homes in your lawn. Raking up debris and weeding are also essential to pest control.

4) Firewood Storage

Storing firewood properly will keep termites from biting into your home. Firewood should be stored at least five feet off the ground and a good twenty feet from your home or shed. This helps prevent pests like the termites or mice from entering your home.

5) Proper Food Storage and Disposal

Fresh fruit and veggies are in abundance during the summer and a welcome sight to us. However, we’re not the only ones. Allowing fruit and veggies to ripen too much on your counter is simply inviting the fruit flies in. Once they’ve been invited, they really do overstay their welcome and getting rid of them…well, it’s not so much fun. Also, think about how you dispose of rotting produce and meat scraps. The combination of rotting meat and summer heat brings unwanted pests to your yard and home at an amazingly fast pace. Try not to throw out meat scraps and rotting produce in your outside garbage unless it will be picked up within 48 hours.

6) Inspect Outdoor Furniture, Toys, and Playsets

Regularly check your outdoor furniture, children’s toys, and swings and playsets for spider webs, egg sacks, and the start of wasp’s nests. Remove them when you see them and continue to be vigilant about checking.

7) Block the Entry to Your Home

Make it a true challenge for pests to find an entry to your home. Be sure to check all of your screens on your windows and doors and replace if rips or holes are found. Look around each of your doors and windows for any gaps and replace window and door seals to make sure everything is still in its proper place.

By following these simple pest control tips, you can help provide your family with relief from those pesky pests. Not sure where to start or thinking you have a much larger issue? Then it’s time to hire a local pest control company to come to your home and provide pest control services on a regular basis. At Erdye’s, we can take inventory of your special circumstance and create a personalized plan to keep those pests away. Feel free to call us today.

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