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10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Rid of Mice

Some people keep mice as pets but not all mice live in cages. Mice enter your home uninvited and cause many problems. They’ll seek out and eat your food, cause damage to your floors and walls, and leave droppings everywhere. If you’re experiencing a rodent home invasion, here are 10 ways to get rid of mice now.

1. Keep food in sealed containers

As mice are attracted by food, keeping food in sealed containers will help to prevent mice finding it. While it won’t stop them coming in your home, it will keep your food safe and will ultimately leave mice looking elsewhere for food.

2. Keep firewood away from your home or garage

Food isn’t the only attraction – warmth and shelter are high on the priority list for mice. A pile of wood looks like an ideal shelter for a mouse to move in to, and the closer it is to your buildings, the more likely the mouse (or mice) is to enter your garage or home. Do yourself a favor and keep firewood at least 25 feet from any structure.

3. Clean debris away from home

Other things outside your home can also provide shelter for a mouse on the run. If you have a place that a mouse will find cozy, you’ll stand far less chance to get rid of mice. One simple thing is to remove any leaves or debris along the outside of your house.

4. Seal up dryer vents with pest proofing devices

Mice know that warmth, food, and safety are all available inside your home, and so they will look for any access point to gain entry to the building. Dryer vents are large enough for a mouse to crawl into, and once they are in, they are difficult to get out again. You can install simple pest proofing vent covers to stop mice from getting into your home.

5. Use rodent bait boxes

Erdyes Mouse Bait StationA bait box contains a tasty treat for the mouse to enjoy – the downside for the mouse is that it is laced with poison. The mouse will take the treat from the box but is unlikely to come back again. If you have a mouse problem, this is one of the best solutions you can put into action to get rid of mice. You can learn more about bait boxes here.

6. Inspect the exterior of your home

Look for any holes or cracks on the exterior of your home, particularly where any utilities enter. There may be enough space around these holes for a mouse to enter, so ensure that all holes are sealed with caulk, steel wool. or both.

7. Caulk and seal where soffit meets exterior walls

The soffit is very high up, so you might think you don’t need to worry about it – however, mice are expert climbers and will get in wherever they can. Mice are great climbers and can easily scale a wall, so it’s important to caulk seal your home or business.

8. Keep garbage sealed in trash containers and dispose of it weekly

One man’s garbage is a mouse’s treasure – or lunch. If they think there’s food, they’ll start to move in … and bring their friends too.

9. Keep your basement dry

Food may be a priority, but water helps to keep a mouse alive too. Make sure there is no standing water for mice to drink in your basement.

10. Hire a true rodent expert as your pest provider – Hire Erdye’s Pest Control

Nobody knows rodents as well as we do. If you really want to get rid of mice, get the professionals to do it for you. If you think you have a mouse problem in your home or business, simply reach out to us to schedule your Free Mouse Inspection.

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