Eliminate Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Heat Treatment: How to Eliminate Bed Bugs

We deal with all of kinds of pests, insects and rodents, but there are few critters that get under people’s skin (literally) quite like bed bugs. Nothing infests both one’s home and mind more than these persistent, hard-to-kill pests. A simple web search will yield hundreds of DIY tricks to eliminate bed bugs, but they inevitably all fail.

What are bed bugs?

Bed Bug Pest RemovalLess than a half an inch in length, these oval, red-brown little pests are so named thanks to their preference for hanging out in dark spaces close to their food source. That food source? Humans (yikes). As such, the bedroom is a common nesting place – from mattress seams and bed frames to carpet edges and picture frames, bed bugs tend to dig in wherever they can find a good crack or crevice.

How do bed bugs get into a home?

Bed bugs are travelers, which is why they’ve become such a problem for many hotels. Luggage, clothing and bedding tend to be their favorite means of getting from one place to another, and once they’re in, they usually don’t want to leave.
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