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Bed Bug Heat Treatment: How to Eliminate Bed Bugs

We deal with all of kinds of pests, insects and rodents, but there are few critters that get under people’s skin (literally) quite like bed bugs. Nothing infests both one’s home and mind more than these persistent, hard-to-kill pests. A simple web search will yield hundreds of DIY tricks to eliminate bed bugs, but they inevitably all fail.

What are bed bugs?

Bed Bug Pest RemovalLess than a half an inch in length, these oval, red-brown little pests are so named thanks to their preference for hanging out in dark spaces close to their food source. That food source? Humans (yikes). As such, the bedroom is a common nesting place – from mattress seams and bed frames to carpet edges and picture frames, bed bugs tend to dig in wherever they can find a good crack or crevice.

How do bed bugs get into a home?

Bed bugs are travelers, which is why they’ve become such a problem for many hotels. Luggage, clothing and bedding tend to be their favorite means of getting from one place to another, and once they’re in, they usually don’t want to leave.

What are the health risks associated with bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not just annoying to have around – they bite! While some people will hardly notice these nocturnal nibblings, others will experience sores, welts and allergic reactions, leaving them susceptible to the 28 human pathogens bed bugs are known to carry.

Needless to say, eliminating bed bugs is a top priority for any homeowner. The problem? They’re as hard to kill as they are disgusting.

What is the best way to eliminate bed bugs?

One of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs is heat treatment. Bed bugs are remarkably resilient, but they simply cannot survive in extreme temperatures. So while it may be next to impossible to root them out of every crack and crevice in a home, cranking up the heat is a great way to either kill them or chase them out.

How does heat treatment work?

One of the reasons heat is such a deadly weapon against bed bugs is that it’s everywhere – you don’t have to worry about missing a pocket of bugs here or there when the entire living space is fired up to an unlivable 122 degrees. Unlike insecticides, which even in large doses can only reach certain areas, heat has no such limitations. Mattresses, sheets, drapes – no matter where those bugs have decided to dig in, they won’t be able to escape the heat. That’s why our new heat treatment is the most effect way to eliminate bed bugs.

I think I may have bed bugs. What should I do?

It’s a terrible discovery to make, but we can help diagnose the problem and work out a plan to eliminate bed bugs. Call us at (920) 455-0373 today for a FREE inspection, and get your peace of mind back.

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