Mice and Children – How to Safely Exterminate Mice

safely exterminate mice-mouse exterminator green bay and appleton wisconsin erdyes pest controlIt comes as no surprise that this time of year mice are looking to come indoors. It’s getting cold and they would like a warm place to rest. However, how safe is it to have a mouse infestation and children in your home together? And next, how do you safely exterminate mice without harming your children or small pets? Let’s start with some basic facts about mice.

Mice can reproduce quickly. You’ve heard it said, “if you see one mouse, you know there are many more.” It’s true, female mice can give birth as early as two months old and are able to have babies at a pace of every 3 weeks. Each female mouse can give birth to typically a dozen babies each time. That’s a whole lot of mice in one year if not properly taken care of.

Mice can carry as many as 200 human pathogens (bacteria, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease). Pathogens are spread through touching a mouse that is infected or by breathing in the fumes  from mice urine. Even the smallest amount of mouse urine can trigger allergic reactions. Diseases from mice are also spread through bite wounds and from water or food contaminated by mice waste products and even through bites from fleas and ticks.

It’s easy to see by just these simple facts that mice and children do not mix. So how do we safely exterminate mice and keep our children safe? First off, mouse poison should not be used in your home where there are children and small pets. Poison allows the infected mouse to die in your home. Not only does a dying animal start to smell but mold will also start to grow. This will cause a host of other issues for you. What we do suggest is first find out where the mice are entering into your home. Mice are able to get into a space as small as a dime so be sure to seal all cracks and crevices around your home. Once the areas are sealed it’s time to start exterminating the mice.

We have found that the most effective way to kill the mice that are in your home is by using simple snap traps. Look for common mouse trails in your home (along walls) or where droppings are found to strategically set your snap traps. Once you start to trap the mice, be sure to discard of the mice properly. After the mice have been trapped and exterminated, be sure to cleanup and disinfect your home.

Erdyes Mouse Bait StationThe next thing we suggest is to prevent mouse entry back into your home with bait stations outside. Our bait stations are maintenance free and provide protection year round. Pets and children are not able to get into the bait stations making them safe for your family. Learn more about these bait stations here.

If you are concerned with a mouse infestation and would like to safely exterminate mice, give us a call at 920.455.0373. We are able to inspect your home for FREE, confirm the species of mouse and recommend a course of rodent control treatment to keep your children and pets safe.

Why D.I.Y. Pest Control Is Not a Good Choice

We all know the term D.I.Y. and “Do It Yourselfers” are a growing community of people. The D.I.Y. approach is big business in the U.S., therefore there’s a real push in marketing to encourage people to get the job done themselves. With Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards and many other Big Box stores focused on the person who gets the job done themselves, and an entire television network dedicated to the D.I.Y. approach, it seems almost second nature to choose to do it yourself when you have a project that needs taking care of. While this is usually a terrific way to save time and money, it isn’t always, and we want to lower the risk for you in deciding when to take on the work yourself, and when to hire a professional.

When it comes to pest control, there seem to be an infinite number of people who have suggestions, advice and tips on handling the problem yourself. We want to share why D.I.Y. pest control can be extremely harmful.  One particular form of pest control where I have observed nearly everyone having opinions and advice on how to help yourself is with mice. I have experienced it myself…you have mice in your house and you just want them gone! They are a menace, and along with freaking out your entire family, they can also cause illness as mentioned in our previous post. While on the surface, it seems as though these are the only issues when mice come into your home; however, it goes so much deeper than that. Mice can destroy your home, wreak havoc on your electrical system, and cause a tremendous mess in your walls, attics and septic systems and if they die inside your home, it’s worse than you can imagine! Because of these things, doing the job yourself to rid of mice can be a terrible decision, leading to destruction and ultimately a much larger problem then you ever had to begin with.

Do it yourself

Largely, people who attempt to rid their home of mice do not simply just find and remove the mice. Let’s face it, they’re kind of gross, and not many of us want to deal with them. It seems easiest just to bait them by setting out some poison that will kill off our problem and let life return to normal. The real problem with that is that baiting a mouse in your home can be the worst possible way to “take care” of the issue. When a mouse ingests poison, it gets sick, and omits a distress signal, letting other mice know not to eat the poison. This is completely counter-productive to what you are attempting to do. Essentially, you are pre-warning whatever mice are in your home not to fall for your tricks. The poisoned mouse will then find a water source in your home and die near it. When a mouse dies inside of your home, it causes a smell that is unbearable. Even worse than just one mouse dying is when a mother mouse brings poison back to her babies to feed them all. Multiple dead mice can cause a smell that will make you want to just leave your house behind all together.   Baiting mice is not only a poor choice in how to rid your home of these rodents, but can cause issues you never even expected, making everything worse then when you began. When you need to rid of mice that have entered your home, hiring a professional that can easily find and remove them is your best and most safe option.

There however are some tips you can utilize to help prevent the entrance of mice into your home for those of you who really want to get a job done yourself, before it becomes detrimental to your investment. Blocking holes or entrances to your home with caulking or pest block is a great way to exercise preventative maintenance. (Pest block is an excellent solution for mice, but will not work on squirrels and chipmunks, which are more aggressive and will find their way through that.)  Some common places to look for available entranceways for mice into your home are around your entrance and garage doors. Old weather stripping that is dry or cracking is easily penetrable by mice. Replacing weather stripping and ensuring there are no openings around it is a great way to prevent the issue. Look for any holes around your home that are the width of a pinky finger. That is the only space a mouse needs to crawl into your home. These holes should be sufficiently sealed. Another point of entry for mice is where any power or water comes out of your home. Spigots, air conditioning units, and furnace/dryer vents can be an access way into your home. Sump pump hoses are another way that mice will try to enter your home, often causing them to drown inside, and causing an awful smell and a massive expense when you need to have sump pump work done. Making sure all of these entryways are closed off and sealed is an important way to prevent having to deal with mice in your home.   While doing projects yourself is often a way to save on expense and get the job done right, when it comes to pest control, it’s best to protect your major investments and to call for professional help. Erdye’s has extensive experience to get the job done, and to get it done right the first time, without damage being done to your home and your health.

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Home Invasion of a Different Kind: How Mice in Your Home Effects More Than Just Your Home

Mouse in house

Your home is likely a safe place where you live in comfort, in the way you choose to. I’m guessing you have it decorated in your style, and things placed where you like them. You do what you want to there…it’s your haven, and you likely live there with loved ones.   Your home is a safe place. It’s the place where you go in, and the rest of the world stays out. Ahhhh, home…. it’s an awesome place, and more often than not, we truly enjoy being there, but when an intruder comes in, it can turn your world upside down. Now, I’m not talking about the type of intruder you may think. I’m talking about a rodent.

This is the time of year where rodents are trying to take refuge from the cold, and attempting to find warm comfortable places with plenty to eat to set up their homes for the winter. Judging from the outside, you would think that your home is sealed up tight, and that there are no entry ways for rodents to get in, but the tiniest of spaces can go unnoticed by us, and yet still present themselves as the perfect entryway into your home.

There’s nothing worse then waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of tiny feet scampering back and fourth above your head in your ceiling, or through the walls surrounding your bed. I’ve been there. I have always gone through painstaking processes to ensure my children were safe and sound when I tuck them in at night. All doors and windows were locked up tight, no fire or choking hazards were present, they were surrounded with pillows to ensure their were staying in their beds, but little did I know there was a much greater risk right in our very walls. This particular year, we had mice invade our home. It was awful really. Every night I would lay awake listening to them run back and fourth, knowing that they were stocking up on whatever foods they could find in our kitchen that weren’t tightly sealed in containers that were impenetrable. Which things were they getting into? Did I have to throw out everything I had bought? What kinds of messes were they making? Will they come out of the walls and into our bedrooms? Can they get to my children? The swirling questions kept me up when the scampering would stop, but the restlessness was only part of the issue.

There is a very real threat to us as humans, caused by rodents that you might not be aware of. Along with finding mice in your home, another concern, Hantavirus, is life-threatening disease with symptoms that are much like the flu, and include fever, chills and muscle aches. Shortly after, you can experience nausea or vomiting, dry cough, shortness of breath and headaches. The presentation of this disease is so much like the flu that it would be very normal to assume it is just that. A human coming into contact with dust that is contaminated by the urine and feces of a rodent is what causes the disease. It is not harmful to the rodent itself, but can be legitimately life threatening to a human, and most people who have been exposed to the virus are those who have come into contact with the dust in their homes.

So what is the best way to keep yourselves and your families safe from Hantavirus?

As soon as you suspect that rodents have invaded your home, it’s best to call for professional pest control. Rodents, such as mice, live in colonies, and setting traps that are made available in stores may take care of one or even a couple of members of the colony, but if they have found your home to be a place of refuge from the cold, chances are, there will be more. A professional pest control company can take care of the problem in a way that will ensure you don’t have to worry about the health and safety of your family, or continue to suffer through sleepless nights listening to these eluding invaders, or worrying about what type of destruction they are causing to your home. If you think you may have already come in contact with contaminated dust from rodents, seeking professional medical advice and testing is important, along with professional pest control. We know that keeping your family and your home safe, healthy and worry free is of great importance to you, and hope that you will be confident in taking action if you suspect these tiny home invaders.

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