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Home Invasion of a Different Kind: How Mice in Your Home Effects More Than Just Your Home

Mouse in house

Your home is likely a safe place where you live in comfort, in the way you choose to. I’m guessing you have it decorated in your style, and things placed where you like them. You do what you want to there…it’s your haven, and you likely live there with loved ones.   Your home is a safe place. It’s the place where you go in, and the rest of the world stays out. Ahhhh, home…. it’s an awesome place, and more often than not, we truly enjoy being there, but when an intruder comes in, it can turn your world upside down. Now, I’m not talking about the type of intruder you may think. I’m talking about a rodent.

This is the time of year where rodents are trying to take refuge from the cold, and attempting to find warm comfortable places with plenty to eat to set up their homes for the winter. Judging from the outside, you would think that your home is sealed up tight, and that there are no entry ways for rodents to get in, but the tiniest of spaces can go unnoticed by us, and yet still present themselves as the perfect entryway into your home.

There’s nothing worse then waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of tiny feet scampering back and fourth above your head in your ceiling, or through the walls surrounding your bed. I’ve been there. I have always gone through painstaking processes to ensure my children were safe and sound when I tuck them in at night. All doors and windows were locked up tight, no fire or choking hazards were present, they were surrounded with pillows to ensure their were staying in their beds, but little did I know there was a much greater risk right in our very walls. This particular year, we had mice invade our home. It was awful really. Every night I would lay awake listening to them run back and fourth, knowing that they were stocking up on whatever foods they could find in our kitchen that weren’t tightly sealed in containers that were impenetrable. Which things were they getting into? Did I have to throw out everything I had bought? What kinds of messes were they making? Will they come out of the walls and into our bedrooms? Can they get to my children? The swirling questions kept me up when the scampering would stop, but the restlessness was only part of the issue.

There is a very real threat to us as humans, caused by rodents that you might not be aware of. Along with finding mice in your home, another concern, Hantavirus, is life-threatening disease with symptoms that are much like the flu, and include fever, chills and muscle aches. Shortly after, you can experience nausea or vomiting, dry cough, shortness of breath and headaches. The presentation of this disease is so much like the flu that it would be very normal to assume it is just that. A human coming into contact with dust that is contaminated by the urine and feces of a rodent is what causes the disease. It is not harmful to the rodent itself, but can be legitimately life threatening to a human, and most people who have been exposed to the virus are those who have come into contact with the dust in their homes.

So what is the best way to keep yourselves and your families safe from Hantavirus?

As soon as you suspect that rodents have invaded your home, it’s best to call for professional pest control. Rodents, such as mice, live in colonies, and setting traps that are made available in stores may take care of one or even a couple of members of the colony, but if they have found your home to be a place of refuge from the cold, chances are, there will be more. A professional pest control company can take care of the problem in a way that will ensure you don’t have to worry about the health and safety of your family, or continue to suffer through sleepless nights listening to these eluding invaders, or worrying about what type of destruction they are causing to your home. If you think you may have already come in contact with contaminated dust from rodents, seeking professional medical advice and testing is important, along with professional pest control. We know that keeping your family and your home safe, healthy and worry free is of great importance to you, and hope that you will be confident in taking action if you suspect these tiny home invaders.

Erdye’s Pest Control cares about the health and safety of your family and home, and knows exactly how to help you if you suspect that rodents have entered your home. We are happy to help you, and are available for you…just click here: Contact Erdye’s 

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