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What Causes Bed Bugs – And How to Get Rid of Them

With summer just around the corner, many families are probably looking forward to hitting the road for a memorable vacation. Unfortunately, plenty of homeowners are likely to come back with more than just sunburns and some great snapshots – they may unwittingly bring home a few little pests as well.

We’re talking, of course, about bed bugs.

Trip Planning

What causes bed bugs? It’s not that summer is a particularly active season for these unwelcome visitors. It is, however, an active season for humans to move from place to place for trips and hotel stays, and this is often where the problem starts – bed bugs are travelers too.

Hotel bedding, crevices in luggage and tightly packed clothing are all areas that can serve as perfect hitchhiking hideaways for bed bugs. They simply nestle in, well hidden, and wait for humans to transport them to their next stop. And that next stop is often one’s home, where bed bugs can really set up shop in carpets, mattresses, drapes and cracks and start to multiply.

So when vacationing this summer, be sure to keep an eye out for these persistent stowaways – even in the nicest hotels, with so many guests coming and going, it’s very easy for bed bugs to quickly become a problem. (Learn how to inspect your hotel for bed bugs.)

Unwanted Vacation Mementos

It’s one thing to know what causes bed bugs, but the more pressing question for anyone who has already brought home some of these unwanted vacation mementos is how to get rid of them. The answer? Heat.

Although summertime may be a popular time for bed bugs to travel from place to place (thanks to their human patrons), they certainly don’t like heat. While many people will try to combat an infestation with pesticides or deep cleaning, the most effective way to truly eliminate bed bugs is heat treatment. Why? Because as hardy as they are and as difficult as they can be to root out of every last hiding place, bed bugs simply can’t survive the thorough coverage of extreme temperatures that a professional heat treatment can deliver.

In other words, being aware is the key to knowing what causes bed bugs, but working with a professional is the key to getting rid of them. We can help! Let us come in and find out where bed bugs may be hiding in your home so we can discuss a plan for killing them off and shutting them out. Call us at (920) 455-0373 today for a 100% FREE inspection, and make sure the only things you brought back from your vacation are postcards and good memories.

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