Bats are one of Erdye’s Pest Control’s Specialties

For centuries, bats have been the subject of folklore and myths, some of which still exist today. But at Erdye’s, we focus on fact not fiction. Although they may not be the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom, bats are extremely helpful to humans in many ways. Contrary to popular belief, bats are actually friendly, useful creatures. Bats help to control mosquitoes and other pesky insects so you can enjoy spending time outdoors.

What ISN’T okay is allowing bats to live in your home or attic. While they’re only looking for dark secluded places like the ones they’d choose in nature, bats can pose a serious health threat to humans. Some of those risks are lung disease caused by fungi living in bat droppings, bat mites and bat bugs (which will bite humans) and the small percentage of bats infected with rabies. Because bats are protected by law in Wisconsin, it’s even more important to choose a licensed professional to bat-proof your home.

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