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Mosquito Control Product – Mist Away System

Are mosquitos ruining your summer fun? Don’t let these pesky buggers stop you from enjoying the great outdoors and family summer fun. Erdye’s Pest Control installs MistAway® Mosquito Misting Systems, an automatic mosquito control product.

The MistAway system sprays a very fine mist of botanical insecticide into your landscape through misters that once installed, hide into your landscape. Typically the mister will spray twice a day. Once in the early morning and once later in the evening depending upon what will work best for your situation.

The video below shows how the misters are set around the landscape.  It will also show how the mister part of the system works. This has been a very effective mosquito control product along with controlling wood ticks. The premise is to kill the mosquitos where they bed down. Within a day or two, the decrease in mosquitos is about 90% to 95% so you’ll receive the benefits rather quickly.

If interested in finding out more information, please view our page dedicated to the MistAway® System here.  If you are interested in a no-obligation estimate of the system, please call us at 920.455.0373.

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