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The Benefits of Using a Pest Control Company

This is a guest post written for Erdye’s Pest Control by J Peterman Legal Group Ltd.

As the weather gets warmer, the threat of pests inside homes, condos, and apartment buildings becomes real. From termites that slowly destroy a home from the inside out, to cockroaches that invade every nook and cranny, to rodents that leave urine, droppings, and the potential for the spread of disease throughout your home, pests are not only pesky, but downright ruinous. If you are facing a pest infestation this summer, do not hesitate to take action to contact an experienced pest control company immediately! Here’s why you always should call a pest control professional rather than try to tackle the pest problem on your own.

Pest Removal Can Be Dangerous

Pests can be extremely challenging to get rid of, and without intensive measures – ranging from use of heat to use of harsh chemicals – pest removal may be impossible. The only problem is that these methods, and others, can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, the use of certain pesticides, like malathion and dichlorvos, can be extremely effective, but poses serious health risks if the user is exposed. A professional pest control company understands these dangers, and will inform you and your family of risks, including when re-entering your property is safe.

DIY Pest Control Is Often Ineffective

If the risks of pest removal aren’t enough to urge you to contact a professional, consider that DIY pest removal is often ineffective, and will likely be a waste of your time and resources. Further, the strategy for pest removal depends upon the type of pest – termites and bedbugs cannot be eliminated in the same manner. It is not uncommon for attempts to spray, vacuum, or trap pests to be in vain; pests have a way of multiplying even when you think you have tried everything.

Prevention Is Just as Important as Removal

It is not just enough to remove pests; you want to ensure that they won’t be back again. The pest control company that you hire will be knowledgeable regarding the best methods for pest prevention, and can provide you with tips and advice for ensuring that the ants, rodents, bed bugs, etc. don’t resurface.

Discovering Pests After Buying a Home

For new homeowners, one of the worst things that can happen is to move into your newly purchased home only to discover – to your shock and disgust – the prevalence of pests. In addition to taking action to contact a pest control company immediately, you should also consider scheduling a consultation with a real estate lawyer. If the pests existed at the time that the seller sold the home, and the seller was aware of pests’ presence, they may have breached their duty to disclose a known property defect. For example, in Illinois a seller is required to truthfully answer all questions on a residential real property disclosure form, including a question about their knowledge of the presence of termites. If this question was not truthfully answered, the seller may be liable.

If you believe that your rights as a buyer were violated, and that a seller knowingly failed to disclose the existence of pests to you, contact the knowledgeable real estate attorneys at J Peterman Legal Group Ltd. today for your consultation. We serve those in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

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