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Common Places Mice Get Into Your Home

It’s certainly that time of year where rodents are looking to find warmer places to crash for the winter.  Today we are going to share some of the most common places mice get into your home.

One of the most common places mice get into your home is through the air conditioning unit. There is a coolant line and power line that needs to run back into the house from the air conditioner. These lines need to enter the home either through the concrete or the siding.  We find many times they are not properly sealed to prohibit the entry of mice. In the video below, Josh shows those entry points and talks about using stainless steel mesh for packing around the hoses.

Vinyl corners on houses are another common place mice get into your home. The vinyl corners are hollow and most times are not sealed at the bottom. This allows an entry point for mice or even larger rodents like squirrels to easily access your attic.

If you’re concerned about mice getting into your home or simply want to be proactive in protecting your investment, call us at 920.455.0373. We offer a Free Home Inspection and will do a walk-through of your basement, attic, and the outside of your home. After the inspection, we’ll share with you any concerns and entry points we find.  We will work with you to create a solution for sealing up the common places mice get into your home.

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