How to get rid of miceThere’s no easy way to know if a company is truly a good rodent control company unless you are willing to do a little research and legwork on your end. We recommend starting your search online. You can use Google to search for companies in your area then look at their reviews. We suggest looking for a good rodent control company based on the reviews and comments on those reviews. Look for one that has many reviews, not just a few. You can also look at Yahoo and Angie’s List. Both of these online companies allow customers to leave reviews of the services used. Next, talk to neighbors and co-workers. They’ll be more than willing to share their good and bad experiences with you.

When it comes to rodent control, there is no one size fits all. Each home is different even if they were built at the same time. So then what should you look for when picking a good rodent control company?

Here are 5 tips in choosing a good rodent control company.

1) Someone with construction knowledge: Having a professional who understands construction and how homes are built from the ground up gives an edge in knowing where there may be gaps the rodents are using to enter into your home or business.

2) A full-service company: A full-service company provides a specialist to come out to your home and inspect your property not just give you an estimate over the phone. This is extremely important as you cannot give an accurate estimate without seeing the property. Each property is different, each rodent issue is different and the difference is not something known until an inspection is done.

3) FREE Inspections: You should not be charged to have your property looked at to decide the best way to control rodents. A good rodent control company will look in the attic, crawl space, basement, and go around the exterior of the home.

4) If they tell you where the rodents are getting in, they should also seal it: A good rodent control company will be able to share with you where the rodents are entering your home. They should also be able to seal that entrance on the spot. If they cannot do this for you, this would be a red flag.

5) Mechanical trapping in attics, basements, and crawl spaces: A good rodent control company uses mechanical trapping in their process of rodent control. You do not want to use a company that just scatters bait around and inside of your home. If the home is not properly sealed and a rodent ingests the poison and then enters your home to die, you now have even more issues. A dying anything in your home smells and creates mold. This is not something you want in one of your most valuable assets.

What is the next step? After a thorough inspection, the company should advise you about your infestation. Is it really bad? Can it be causing health issues in your home? Should there be some sort of cleanup and sanitation procedure performed? These are all questions that the company should offer solutions to even before you ask. And yes, at Erdye’s we offer all of these.

• Free Inspection
• Seal Your Home
• Cleanup and Sanitization

Call us with all of your rodent and pest control issues at 920.455.0373. We’re here to help you keep a healthy, safe, and rodent free home.

What Causes Bed Bugs

What Causes Bed Bugs – And How to Get Rid of Them

With summer just around the corner, many families are probably looking forward to hitting the road for a memorable vacation. Unfortunately, plenty of homeowners are likely to come back with more than just sunburns and some great snapshots – they may unwittingly bring home a few little pests as well.

We’re talking, of course, about bed bugs.
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The Holiday Spirit

Erdye’s Pest Control company is a family run business that is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Here at Erdye’s we believe that all our customers are family. We treat each of our customer’s needs as if they were our own. And this holiday season, we want to do more than just provide pest control needs to our community.

For every “Like” or “Follow” our video gets, we will donate $1 to charity.

That’s why this year Erdye’s is allowing its social media friends and family to choose how much we donate to our local food pantry. For every “Like” or “Follow” our video gets, we will donate $1 (up to $500) to charity. TFrom December 6th through December 20th, the more times you share the video, the more money we will donate. So please, like and share our video and together we can make the holiday season brighter for those in need.