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Rodent Control: How Baiting Stations Keep Critters Out of Your Yard

From chipmunks and squirrels to mice and moles, rodents can become a significant problem for you and your family. Because chances are if you have these kinds of rodents anywhere near your house, it’s probably just a matter of time before take the next step and try to get in.

This is why rodent control is so important – if you can eliminate the rodent population around your home or business, you’ll go a long way toward making sure they don’t eventually wind up inside your home or business. One of the ways to do this is through the use of baiting stations.

The Basics of Baiting Stations

Made of sturdy plastic and designed to look like a rock, a baiting station is very inconspicuous from the outside. Rodents can reach the bait and poison inside by way of two small holes near the base of the station, but thanks to a secure lock nobody else will be able to get in, which means it’s safe for any kids or pets in the area.

How Baiting Stations Works

Once inside a baiting station, a critter will eat the poison until he gets his fill, gets thirsty and goes out to find water, at which point you’ll probably never see him again. The key to our baiting stations is that we use only high-grade poison, which means a rodent will eat only enough to kill itself. Why is this important? Because if he does happen to die somewhere on your property, there’s no risk of secondary poisoning for pets or people.

Why Baiting Stations are Effective

We like baiting stations for rodent control because they specifically target critters that may be looking to get inside your home or business. We generally secure one or two stations right near the structure, often on either side of a doorway. Once mounted in place, we shut and lock the stations. Because they’re small, tight to the perimeter of the building and camouflaged, customers tend to forget about them.

How Erdye’s Can Help

Baiting stations can be a very simple and effective way to keep rodents in check in and around your property, especially if you live near a high-rodent area like a construction site. To check the current state of your home or business and learn more about baiting stations and other rodent control options, call Erdye’s Pest Control today for a FREE comprehensive inspection.

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