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Glue Traps: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Glue TrapsLike most residents of northern Wisconsin, the area’s mice are beginning to think about finding a warm, dry place to spend the upcoming winter. And this isn’t just an issue in this part of the country – according to research from PestWorld, more than 21 million homes throughout the United States will get a wintertime visit from mice or other rodents, typically during the period of October through February.

Not surprisingly, this is a club that most homeowners don’t care to join. Aside from the general “ick” factor of having mice in your living space, these uninvited seasonal guests tend to burrow and therefore damage their surroundings, and the feces they leave behind can be dangerous to humans and pets.

But what can you do once they’ve already moved in? There are a number of different ways to catch mice, but glue traps – also known as sticky traps – are one method that we do not recommend.

Glue traps or sticky traps aren’t terribly complicated devices – as the name implies, this is pretty much just a strip of sticky material designed to trap the mouse as it runs across the surface (the glue usually has some sort of attractive food flavoring). Glue traps may work well for detecting where insects are coming from, but we don’t like them for trapping mice.

Why Glue Traps are Bad

Once stuck, a mouse on a glue trap is likely to die from dehydration or starvation over a period of several days, which is a pretty inhumane way to go. Even though homeowners may want to clear up their mouse problems as quickly as possible, most probably wouldn’t want to subject a mouse to this kind of slow, agonizing death if they really stopped to think about it.

Wisconsin Mouse Control Mouse TrapFor this reason, we prefer to avoid glue traps and instead favor good old-fashioned Victor snap traps, which we believe to be a more efficient and humane alternative. There are other trapping solutions available as well, each with its own pluses and minuses.

Of course, the best way to eliminate a mouse infestation is to avoid having one the first place. Preparation is the key, and Erdye’s Pest Control can help make sure your home has the No Vacancy sign out for mice this winter with a FREE inspection – we’ll get into your attic and crawlspace and all of the other areas that mice like to call home as the cold approaches. Give us a call today so you won’t have to deal with mice later.

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