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Bed Bugs, the Unwanted Holiday House Guest

Bed Bugs

The holidays are a wonderful time. Typically we spend precious time with family, traveling around to enjoying each other’s homes, company and good food. The holidays can be filled with fun, but there are travelers that we don’t think about who could also be very busy during this season. Not all travelers are welcomed and when it comes to parasites like bed bugs, it’s best if we are aware of them and how they are transferred, so we can take measures to avoid major issues and unwanted houseguests.

Bed bugs have been a hot topic in the last couple of years, and it’s not a wonder as to why. They can really cause problems that escalate quite quickly if not cared for promptly by a professional. Although bed bugs can lay dormant for months at a time without feeding, there are some tell tale signs when they are active that you can look for. Because bed bugs are nocturnal and normally active between 10pm and 6am, they often go unseen, but here are some common signs that they’re around that you can look for…

  1. Once bed bugs establish themselves somewhere, they tend to congregate. You can often find them nestled into seams of fabric, such as the seam along a mattress. You can move seams around to look for small, flat, reddish-brown, wingless bugs.
  2. Bed bugs leave behind fecal spots, which are small dark spots that are sand like and are typically found around and beneath their nests. If you add water to a spot to check it, it will appear as fresh blood, since they get their nourishment from consuming human blood.
  3. Likely places to check for Bed Bugs are beds, couches, luggage, vehicles, furniture, amongst bedside clutter, electrical outlets, and nearby laptop computers.
  4. Bed bugs molt their exoskeletons and you may see them if bed bugs are present.
  5. Another sign, or symptom of bed bugs are bites on human skin. The face, neck and arms since they prefer to feed on exposed skin, are most likely places. You can look for small, red, itchy welts. Often these take a while to appear, so you may not notice them until your problem has escalated to a more severe one.

These annoying parasites like to travel, so it’s very important when visiting somewhere outside of home, you check your luggage, clothing and other fabric items you are carrying back and forth. In cooler climates they can live for up to a year without a feeding, and will lie dormant, often times undetected until the problem becomes severe. If you do suspect bed bugs, limiting your movement and interaction with things is very important. The more you move about where they have congregated, the more of a chance for them to travel. Following the tips and knowledge about can help you to avoid a problem on a grand scale. You can learn in more detail about the life cycle of the bed bug, and details on how transmission and infestation happens by clicking right here: CLICK HERE

In the case that you suspect bed bugs in your home, office, or place of business, it is always best to seek professional help to ensure they stop breeding and are properly eliminated. They reproduce so quickly that time is of the essence to save yourself from much larger problems. Professional pest control businesses have the experience to know how to quickly and fully eliminate the problem. If you are in the local Green Bay area of Wisconsin, you can contact Erdye’s Pest Control here for a free consultation: CLICK HERE Erdye’s understands the utmost importance of placing an emphasis on discretion when responding to your home for bed bugs, and will operate in the most unassuming ways to ensure your situation remains unnoticed by others.

If you are outside of the Green Bay area, check with your local pest control business, many of which offer free consultations, or you can call Erdye’s at (920) 455-0373for a free consultation, and more information.

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