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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: When to use Chemicals to Kill Bed Bugs

The first reaction to finding bed bugs is, “How do I get rid of these disgusting bugs?” Okay, maybe the first reaction is, “Oh NOOooo” or something a little stronger. But usually the next thought is, how do I get rid of bed bugs? Most times our first thought is to buy a spray can of some sort of chemical spray to eliminate these little beasts. We check the internet for DIY solutions then run to the store to buy whichever chemical has the best marketing package.

However, bed bugs are resilient little beasts. They can go for months without eating. That means when chemicals are introduced into the infested area, these bed bugs will escape and lay low until the effectiveness of the chemical wears off. The cycle then starts itself all over again. This might lead you to asking if there is ever a time to use chemicals when getting rid of bed bugs?

Josh Erdman, owner of Erdye’s Pest Control will explain more in this short video.

When Should Chemicals be used to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There are only two scenarios where we would use chemicals to eliminate bed bugs:

  1. In a multi-unit building like an apartment building or hotel ALONG with heat treatment.
  2. If you can verify the bed bugs are only in one area of your home (one recliner, one bed, one night stand).

Using Chemicals in Multi-Unit Buildings

Bed bugs and their eggs have to come into contact with the chemical to be killed. Chemicals can be used to assist in getting rid of bed bugs in a multi-unit building (such as apartments, hotels, condos, etc), but shouldn’t be used alone. To be effective in these situations, the use of heat treating the infested unit and then using chemicals in the units adjoining the infested one. Chemicals would be used in the areas where the bed bugs would likely try to escape and hide; like the walls and outlets of the adjoining unit. As soon as the bed bug tries to cross the area, they will come into contact with the chemical and then die.

Using Chemicals On One Single Item

If the bed bugs are truly only in one area, the chemical is then able to reach the bed bugs and their eggs. However, it is difficult to know if the bed bugs are just in that one area unless you have a K9 trained to sniff out the bed bugs.

According to the National Pest Management Association, Heat Treatment is the best way to kill and get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are not able to survive extreme temperatures. It’s proven to work and we at Erdye’s are definitely pro heat treatment. It’s important to kill bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle. Heat treatment will kill the adult bed bugs and the eggs which prevents new infestations.

If you’re not sure if you should use a chemical to get rid of bed bugs yourself, simply call us at (920) 455-0373. Be sure to ask about our FREE INSPECTIONS too!

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