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Getting Rid of Mice the Fastest Way Possible

What’s the first thing most homeowners think when they spot a mouse? “Ewww!” OK, what’s the second thing they think? “What is the fastest way to get rid of mice?”

This is certainly understandable. After all, the longer those mice hang around the more likely it is that they’ll quickly multiply, spread disease and wreak general havoc. With those potential developments in mind, it’s no wonder getting rid of mice – and fast – is such a priority.

Unfortunately, there’s no overnight solution for getting rid of mice. The process isn’t particularly complicated, but it does require the time and effort to go through the following steps:

Find Their Point of Entry

Killing mice isn’t the same thing as getting rid of mice. Why? Because for every mouse you see and eliminate, there are likely many, many more lurking in your home or waiting just outside to find a way in. From central air units to exterior dryer vents to cracks in the foundation, there are a variety of spots where mice can come into a home, which is why finding those vulnerable areas has to be job number one.

Seal Them Out

When it comes to getting rid of mice, very closely behind finding their points of entry is closing those entries off to prevent any additional unwanted visitors. The good news is that although a thorough inspection to uncover potential mouse entrances can take some time, the process of closing them up is usually a fairly quick sealing or re-caulking process.

Trap Time

Once you’ve found out how mice are getting in and taken steps to close those entrances, the next step is to start killing those that are already inside, most effectively with simple snap traps. Strategic placement of mouse traps is one of the keys to getting rid of mice, so be sure to look for common mouse trails – especially places where you repeatedly find droppings.

Prevention Pays – Using Bait Stations

The best thing about getting rid of mice is the peace of mind of knowing you won’t have to deal with this problem again. A handful of well-placed bait stations around the exterior of your home is a great way to kill the mice in your area before they ever get the chance to test your newly re-sealed entry points. Our bait stations are maintenance free and offer protection year round.

Getting Rid of Mice is not a Quick Process

As you can see, getting rid of mice is not a quick process. But the only way to make sure you’ve truly solved the problem is to pay attention to the steps outlined above, which is why a pest professional can help with the expertise and knowledge to make sure mice get out and stay out. Call or email us today to schedule a 100% FREE inspection.

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