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d-Con: The Dangerous Mouse Control Option

d-Con Mouse & Rat Bait

They are the telltale signs no homeowner wants to stumble upon: scratching noises behind walls, chewed and frayed box corners, and scattered droppings. They all add up to one thing – mice in your home or business.

It’s a situation that most folks want to take care of as quickly and conveniently as possible. When there’s a mice in the house, everyone wants to get rid of the mice. There are plenty of products and solutions out there to get the job done, but not every solution is a good one. The popular poison d-Con, for example, is one you should avoid using inside your home.

The Dangers of d-Con

It may seem like an effective way to get rid of mice and other unwanted rodents, however, d-Con is only a good option for outdoor areas – well away from people. If you have mice inside your home, a poison like d-Con may end up doing more harm than good. The problem isn’t necessarily whether mice will ingest the d-Con and die – they probably will – it’s more a question of what happens next.

Dead MouseAfter they die, those mice are going to begin to decompose in your basement or attic, which can lead to mold, bad odors and possible insect attraction. And because this is all happening inside your home, these problems become part of your living space and affect your air quality. In addition, having poison like d-Con in any area where curious small children and/or pets may be able to get to it is never a good idea.

Mouse Eating CrackerPoison products like d-Con preset potentially dangerous or unpleasant drawbacks that you should try to avoid, very similar to glue traps. There are plenty of other trapping solutions out there, and most of them are better than exposing your family to the potential harm of poison.

If your mouse problems are larger than what you care to tackle, simply contact Erdye’s Pest Control for a FREE thorough inspection of your basement, attic or crawlspace to find out if mice have moved into your home or business. If we see signs of a mouse infestation, we will some simple steps to help get rid of them quickly and safely. We’ll discuss all of the available do-it-yourself and professional options to come up with a safe, reliable plan for making your home a mouse-free space.

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