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How to Prepare for a Bed Bug Heat Treatment

So, you’ve found out that you have bed bugs. Now it’s time to get prepared for a bed bug heat treatment. First, it’s important to understand why this is a truly effective treatment that will get rid of those bed bugs once and for all…

Most chemicals will not kill all of the bed bugs in your home because they are smart little bugs. They are able to retreat into small crevices and hiding spots until the chemical treatment has lost its potency and then get right back to being bed bugs and reproducing. The bed bug heat treatment is the best solution to reach every space in your home and to kill the bed bugs. Heat treatments at the right temperatures will kill all bed bugs despite which life stage they are in. We’ve have said it many times before, heat is the best way to kill bed bugs.

How to Prepare Your Home for Heat Treatment

To start prepping your home for the bed bug heat treatment process, you will need to declutter your home and pull furniture away from the walls. This allows the heat to circulate throughout your home and allows the heat to penetrate all areas and your furniture. You will also need to make sure that closets and spaces in your home are not jam packed full of items. Again, we need to have the heat circulate so that it can keep getting hotter throughout the entire home to get to those bugs. A good rule of thumb is to have dresser drawers and closets about half full. For beds, they do need to be pulled away from the walls and we want to be sure that there is nothing under the beds that will restrict the air flow. We want the spaces in your home to be as open as possible. See the video below.


Because we are using such high heat in the home for the bed bug heat treatment process, there are items that will need to be removed after our service specialist inspect the items. These items simply will not tolerate this type of heat. This list includes items like crayons, lipstick, medicines, firearms, and more. To help get a good understanding of items that will need to be removed from your home, we have our Heat Treatment Client Preparation Checklist.

We do not want you to remove these items from the building as they may be infested but we will have you place these items in boxes labeled “Do Not Heat.” Those boxes should be placed near the front door. Your service specialist will inspect the items for bed bugs and remove them from the area. Should these items show signs of infestation; Erdye’s Pest Control will provide treatment options available for those items.

Have Questions about Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Heat treatments should only be performed by a trained professional. If you have any questions about preparing your home for the bed bug heat treatment, call us at (920) 455-0373 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Plus, we offer FREE Inspections.

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