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Are you looking for a cost effective solution to killing bed bugs and their eggs quickly?


Our industry leading bed bug heaters have been proven to eliminate bed bugs in all stages in approximately 24 hours! Our heaters can heat the entire living space up to nearly 130F. This is proven to kill bed bugs and their eggs, regardless if they are in your bed, your walls, or furniture.

Whether you are killing bed bugs in a house, condo, apartment, hotel, or vacation rental there is a bed bug heater package for you. All of the packages include everything you need to get rid of the bed bugs.

Each package is designed to treat a specific square footage based on the provided power system.

We currently offer four bed bug heater packages:

Erdye's Fiscal Elite Bed Bug Heat Package

Erdye's Professional Bed Bug Killing Equipment

This is the most affordable bed bug heat treatment package. This is bed bug package is ideal for small apartments or hotel rooms under 250 square feet.

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Erdye's Elite Bed Bug Super Sale Package

Sale Pricing on Professional Bed Bug Treatment Equipment

This bed bug heater package was designed for hotel owners and managers. This package has the perfect balance between power and efficiency. You can easily kill bed bugs in normal sized hotel rooms.

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Erdye's Elite Bed Bug Heat Master Package

Kill Bed Bugs Fast with Professional Heat Treatment Equipment Packages

The Elite Bed Bug Master Package has everything you need to properly identify bed bugs, kill bed bugs, and prevent bed bugs from coming back. This package is ideal for apartment managers and hotel owners who proactive against bed bug infestations.

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Erdye's Apartment Bed Bug Master Package - 240 Volt

Apartment and Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

This is the mother of all bed bug heat treatment packages. With this package you can easily and efficiently kill bed bugs in an entire apartment in one step. This package is ideal for multi unit properties that are trying to protect themselves from frivolous litigation.

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