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"100% satisfaction guaranteed or you don't pay...period!" - Josh Erdman
Erdyes helps to eliminate bed bugs, bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, asian beetles, box elder bugs, stink bugs, mice, and wildlife from your home or business (just to name a few).

Erdye's Pest Control is a family run Pest Control company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We are fully certified and licensed in both Michigan & Wisconsin. We provide service to both Residential and Commercial customers alike.

Here at Erdye’s we believe that all of our customers are family.  We treat each of our customer’s needs as if they were our own.  We believe in being on time and fixing your pest control problem the FIRST time.

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Our effective and affordable pest control services provide protection from all of the following household insects and pests: ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas, flies, silverfish, bed bugs, sowbugs, crickets, millipedes, mites, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, cockroaches, and more.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Erdye's specializes in commercial pest control solutions for all types of business - to protect your customers, products, employees, and most of all, your reputation from pests.

We provide FREE Inspections!

Do you hear something crawling, running, or even chewing in your attic or walls?

At Erdye's, we believe that everyone's pest situation is unique and one of a kind. We also don't think you should have to pay to find out what's going on in your home.

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Did You Know??
  • Mosquitoes prefer children over adults, blondes over brunettes and mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue twice as much as any other color.
  • Termite queens will lay up to 30,000 eggs in a day, and live for many years.
  • Houseflies can taste with their feet - they have taste buds on them.
  • Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history.
  • Only three kinds of animals fight battles in formations: humans, crows and ants.
  • Certain types of grasshoppers and crickets have their ears on their front legs.
  • For every person on the earth, there are two hundred million insects.
  • Over 900,000 known species of insects exist throughout the world.
  • Each year, insects eat about a third of the world's food crops.
  • Each year the average person will "eat" several insects while they are sleeping.
  • During the average lifetime, a person consumes about seventy insects and ten spiders during their sleep.
  • An ant is capable of lifting fifty times its own weight and is capable pulling thirty times its own weight.
  • A flea can jump about two hundred times the length of their body, which is about thirteen inches.
  • A cockroach can live nine days without eating. This is also the same amount of time that the body of a cockroach can live after its head has been cut off before it eventually dies from starvation.
  • Dragonflies are capable of flying sixty miles per hour.
  • The rhinoceros beetle is the strongest animal and is capable of lifting 850 times its own weight.
  • Honeybees are more dangerous than snakes. Bees kill more people each year than all the poisonous snakes combined.
  • The average bed contains between two million to six million dust mites.
  • You are more likely to be killed by a Champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.
  • The ant always falls over on its right side when intoxicated.